The Landes cuisine

Camping Landes restaurantThe diversity of the countryside, sea and mountain.

Landes cuisine, Basque cuisine or Spanish tapas, the choice is yours!!!

Lover of traditional dishes and regional products? Landes asparagus, Basque-style chicken, Chalosse beef, Axoa de veau, duck breast fillet, duck confit or foie gras… Come and taste it!

Not to mention the desserts like the Landais pies, the Basque cake or the Adour kiwis

To sample: the wine of the region including Tursan (wine of Landes), Irrouléguy (Basque wine), Paternina (Spanish wine of the Rioja region), not forgetting the Floc de Gascogne or the Basque cider!!!

Tapas have an important place in the Spanish life. In the whole Iberian peninsula, cafés, bars and pubs offer delicious little dishes of fresh seafood, flavoured olives or spicy chorizo and a thousand other specialities to enjoy with a glass of sangria…

Find the different recipes typical of our region: