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Seaside camping at the Landes

Welcome to the beaches of the Landes!

Whether you ask the young or the old, the active visitors or the leisure fans, the families, groups of friends or solo travellers, they will all say that the 106 km of beaches of fine sand in the Landes are full of things to do!

Discover the world of the ocean under the guidance of professionals and make the most of your holidays on the Silver Coast: Bodyboarding, surfing, water skiing, sea kayaking, kite surfing, jet skiing, boat hire, recreational fishing, boating licence, pescatourism, diving, boat trips, paddle boarding, sailing, surf fishing… you will have the choice!

And behind the beach we will find its dunes, a fragile space requiring much upkeep and revegetation work. That is why it is strictly forbidden to walk on the dune, in order to not damage this natural location.

Dotted with blue thistles, carnations and pearly everlastings, this plant life plays a preventative role against the movement of sand on the ground.

And behind these dunes we find the Landes forest, planted with pine trees to delineate them. In addition to these maritime pines there are cork oaks and English oaks, often misshapen or burnt due to the winds containing salt or grains of sand.